Belfast Trust Mental Health Service (Aged 18-64) has introduced the option of a CCG ‘Referral for Advice’ function.

We will accept referrals for advice regarding patients who meet the following criteria:

  1. Aged 18-64 and living in the catchment area of Belfast Mental Health Service.
  2. Not currently open to Mental Health Services.
  3. Not currently requiring specialist Mental Health Assessment

We aim to provide a response to all queries within 3 working days. Please check CCG Home for response 48-72 hours after advice requests are sent. Please note: The advice response is not provided in paper form or electronic transfer so GPs MUST check CCG Home to view the response.

Sometimes a direct discussion with GPs is required. Please provide a direct number if possible as going through reception can be very time consuming.

PLEASE NOTE: If advice regarding existing patients is required please contact the Community Mental Health Service Duty Team on 028 95041327

This service does not replace referrals for mental health assessment, and these should continue to be made under the existing pathway.

Following the request for advice, if further assessment by Mental Health Services is deemed necessary, you will be asked to gain the patient’s consent and refer for assessment via CCG in the usual way. Please note that no further action will be taken by Mental Health Services until this referral for assessment is received.