COVID-19 vaccination deliveries

Practices have really risen to the challenge of this vaccination programme. By 4th February you had collectively vaccinated over 115,000 patients including around 90% of patients aged 80 or over. I would like to thank you for all the hard work and enthusiasm. 

I know that for many practices vaccine supply remains a limiting factor. Please be advised and assured that Movianto have been working extremely hard to get vaccines out to all practices as soon as possible, sometimes within hours of the delivery arriving with them. Vaccines cannot all be delivered instantly, and I am asking practices to remember that Movianto are supplying over 320 practices. They need to plan sensible routes. Asking for an emergency delivery to your practice diverts a driver, meaning around 30 other practices don’t get their vaccine on that day. 

Practices ask patients not to call about vaccination times, to wait to hear from them. In the same way please do not call Movianto to ask for specific deliveries, and please ensure that Movianto staff are treated with professional respect. 

Please bear in mind that: 

 Deliveries will take up to 5 working days (basically a week) 

 Don’t expect your delivery on the same day every week 

 Movianto can’t do named day, same day or emergency deliveries. 

 Movianto don’t do allocations, so don’t call them asking for more than has been allocated 

I know that practices and Movianto are doing their best to ensure that as many patients are vaccinated as quickly as possible. 

Many thanks for the continued ongoing efforts of all GP practices to deliver this vaccination programme. 

Yours sincerely 

Dr Margaret O’Brien 

Head of General Medical Services