What is the best way to support the care homes I look after? 

“As GPs we continue to look after the most vulnerable in our communities during this pandemic in the same was as we did before: with ongoing continuity, individualised and holistic care. Many of us are liaising with our homes more than we did before and have naturally increased the care that we are offer in line with demand.

For those of us who visit care homes on a regular basis, it is clear that many are not designed for isolating patients (which is advised for new residents and those with symptoms), and that from a wellbeing perspective it is not ideal to isolate vulnerable patients in their rooms for protracted periods of time. Social distancing of care home residents can also be very difficult, especially within dementia or learning disability environments, so we need to do everything that we can to support our patients and their carers during this difficult time…”

  • How is a care home formally defined?
  • How does covid-19 present in care home residents?
  • Should I perform face to face consultations in care homes?
  • Should I ask the care home to buy their own equipment to take observations?
  • What If I cannot resolve the issue remotely, should I visit?
  • If an examination is required, always ask, can the patient be bought to the practice safely?
  • Should I arrange training and teaching sessions for my care home?
  • What is the best way to communicate with care homes?
  • What do I do when prescribing remotely for care homes using Medical Administration Record charts?
  • What is the advice on advanced care planning and hospital admissions for are homes?
  • What guidance is available for end of life care?
  • What other support can I give the care homes?