Update on Belfast Covid Centre Rota

The obligation on practices to provide cover to COVID-19 centres in the out of hours period from July 1st 2020 has been removed.

The HSCB will be working with the Federation Support Unit to procure GP cover for the centres in this period, with support, if required, from GP Out of Hours service providers.

To facilitate easy booking of shifts the Belfast COVID Centre is planning to build a central online rota booking system, and we will issue further details once we have them confirmed.

In the meantime, we are manually completing a 4 week rota effective from 6th July. To facilitate this, we will be issuing a template to be completed outlining what shifts you would be available to work during this 4 week period. This will be emailed to everyone on existing distribution lists and also added to this website at the same time.

Submission of completed rota preferences will be accepted from Wednesday 1st July at 7pm Via Email to [email protected]

Importantly this will be on a first come first served basis only from the date and time identified.

Where possible, the rota coordinator and COVID Centre GP Lead team will endeavour to match interested GPs with their preferred shifts
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I would be very grateful if you would please share this alert with any colleagues who may not be currently receiving these emails.

Many thanks for your continued support

Yours faithfully

Dr Ursula Brennan
GP Lead

Belfast Covid Centre Update 2906