RE: General Practice Nursing – Education and Training

It has been an exceptionally challenging period for everyone working in Health and Social Care (HSC) as we respond to and manage the local impact of the global COVID-19 pandemic. I am extremely thankful to all nurses, working in Primary Care for the professional and committed response to the crisis.

A key challenge within general practice nursing is accessing appropriate education and training to meet the requirements for the complex and changing needs of patients in primary care settings.

The Department has been working in partnership with the Clinical Education Centre and the current nursing and midwifery educational / training programmes have been adapted to be delivered via online teaching / E-Learning formats.

I am delighted to advise that these programmes are all available free of charge to your nursing staff until 31st March 2021. A review of the programmes available is via the following link:

I also wish to advise that funding has been secured specifically for primary care nursing into the Department’s nursing and midwifery post-registration education budget for 2020/21 and subsequently additional programmes relevant to general practice nurses have been commissioned.

I would appreciate it you could share this information with relevant staff.