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The Green Book : Chapter 14a

  • The coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccines
  • The dosage and schedule for the UK & recommendations for use

HSCB Resources



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22/1/21 Letter to all GPs – Covid 19 Vaccination – Next Priority Groups

Covid 19 Vaccination Programme 2021-22 – 5/1/21

HSCB PHA COVID-19 AstraZeneca vaccine PGD

Letter to all GPs : Timing of 2nd dose of Covid-19 Vaccination 13/01/21



FAQs are correct on that date, subject to change as information develops

COVID-19 vaccination FAQ 20 January 2021


COVID-19 Vaccination Returns – 13/1/2021

Recording COVID-19 Vaccinations 13/1/2021

HSS(MD) 10 2021 – Guidance on the Use of the COVID-19 Vaccine Astrazeneca to Vaccinate Housebound Patients

HSC / Other NI Updates


Department of Health Updates

DOH COVID-19 Vaccination programme Phased Plan

Priority groups for coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccination: advice from the JCVI

PHA – Professional guidance and information on the COVID-19 Vaccination Programme


HSS MD 4 2021 Interval between COVID-19 Vaccine Doses 8/1/21

Deployment of the AstraZeneca COVID-19 Vaccine HSS(MD)93/2020 NI – Updated JCVI Advice on COVID-19 Vaccine interval – 30/1/20


Public Health Agency Updates

PHA – Professional guidance and information on the COVID-19 Vaccination Programme

Infection control guidance for adult COVID-19 vaccination clinics


Other NI Organisations

Advice for patients of the Northern Ireland Regional Haemophilia and Thrombosis Centre, regarding the COVID 19 intramuscular vaccination

Yellow Card

Report suspected side effects to medicines, vaccines or medical device and diagnostic adverse incidents used in coronavirus treatment to the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency to ensure safe and effective use

Additional UK Resources

PHE: COVID-19 Vaccination : Information for Healthcare Practitioners

intended for healthcare staff involved in delivering the programme. It includes detailed information on:

  • the background of the programme
  • the vaccines (as they become available)
  • vaccine recommendations and eligibility
  • contraindications and precautions
  • vaccine administration issues

GOV.UK Resource Page : https://www.gov.uk/government/collections/covid-19-vaccination-programme 

Training Resources

COVID-19 Vaccination Training

All vaccinators must be registered health care professionals.  Health care assistants may support vaccinators including post vaccination observation but may not administer the vaccine as part of this service.

All vaccinators should complete the COVID-19 vaccinator competency assessment tool  Any training needs identified by the COVID-19 vaccinator competency assessment tool should be addressed.  Copies of the assessments should be held in the practice.  Additional training and information is available on the PHA website.

All vaccinators should complete the e-learning for health module on COVID-19. 



RCUK’s expert anaphylaxis group is currently updating the anaphylaxis guidelines for 2021. In light of the current mass vaccination programme they have provided updated information for use in any vaccination setting to give clear guidance to healthcare professionals involved. We have also produced a poster of the algorithm for the management of anaphylaxis in the vaccination setting.

Running a vaccination clinic

Larger or offsite clinics

Our colleagues in regional emergency planning want to ensure that the emergency services, DfI Roads and councils are aware of the locations of larger or off-site COVID-19 vaccination clinics in case there are steps that can be taken to aid the clinics or if you need emergency assistance, for example:

o   If you need to seek help from NIAS e.g. anaphylaxis

o   If you need to seek help from PSNI re traffic issues or other problems

o   So DfI Roads can consider their winter gritting programme in these areas

HSCB would be grateful if you would let your PSM know as soon as possible please about any large or off-site clinics being planned