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EMIS updated COVID-19 template for HSCB searches

Vision updated COVID-19 Guideline

Vision HSCB Daily Search

Changes to COVID templates to include recording F2F consults and Home visit records (to both nursing homes and non-nursing home visits)
Files included:
1x search key – to assist with matching up the results with the survey monkey questions
1x protocol (called Consultation record)
2x searches (both called COVID Traffic light)
2x reports (Both called results)
2x templates (called Covid 19 FEDERATION TEMPLATE v2 & Contact)

To do:
Import the protocol into the protocol folder in EMIS web
Import the templates into the templates folder in EMIS web
Import the searches into the searches folder in EMIS web

To add the protocol to the F12 quick key:
On web home page press F12 key
Select a free line and right click – add
Navigate to your protocols folder (or wherever you have stored the protocol)
Select the protocol and press ok
Protocol should now be available to use
The protocol will need to be added for each user.

How this works:
Before a clinician consults ask them to start with F12
Double click on the protocol
This will start the contact template which asks what they ae doing F2F GP/Nurse etc
Consult starts
Pop asks if this is COVID related
If yes- starts covid template
If no – stays in consult
Complete consult as normal