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NIMDTA 2020 eBooklet for GP's

NIMDTA have just launched their 2020 eBooklet for all GPs who are newly qualified/sessional/first5/new to NI.

It includes information and resources of value to all working as GPs in NI.

It has required major revisions as a result of Covid

Please contact [email protected] if you any ideas for additional content

Life after training in Northern Ireland

Below are some resources that you may find useful. We will continue to add content here.

You can also email [email protected] who is GP Career Development Lead at NIMDTA.

BMA NI – Support for newly qualified GP

Are you a GP Returner during the Covid19 Pandemic?

NIMDTA will provide you with  educational resources as you return to clinical work in whatever form it will take. You will also receive a short induction back into practice. The induction will focus on what is needed for the clinical role you choose eg  GP practice, Covid centre, OOH, remote triage.

For some, you may be returning to a practice you worked in for many years and only left some months ago. For others, you may have retired close to 3 years ago and are unsure of where to work. Either way, we will help as you rejoin the workforce at this crucial time.

There may be clinical reasons that will influence where you choose to work. If you are not returning to a GP surgery you worked in regularly, we strongly recommend you work in a practice approved for GP training by NIMDTA. These practices will be best prepared to meet your needs as they are familiar with induction for GP trainees and doctors on the Induction and Refresher Schemes.Please do not hesitate to contact me at any time if you have questions.

Dr Louise Sands

 Associate Director GP Career Development NIMDTA
([email protected])


RCGP guidance for doctors returning to the primary care workforce

This resource acts as a guide to GPs wishing to return to general practice in response to COVID-19


Educational guidance for doctors returning to the primary care workforce

The purpose of this document is to help you think about the best way of preparing yourself for clinical work in primary care over the next few weeks, and to keep yourself up-to-date and be able to deliver your best.


GP Educational Needs survey

Please fill in this very short survey which will help plan future educational events during Covid19

Click Here

INDUCTION CHECKLIST (not exhaustive)

 car park/access to building/fire exits/security/work email/panic button
 document check – GMC/indemnity/NIPMPL/Hep B (if possible)

Computer system
 login passwords for GP system/CCG/NIECR
 prescribing – repeat and acute prescribing overview
 ordering lab tests
 non CCG referrals, including radiology
 Triage including booking appointments and arranging home visits
 CCG referrals

Treatment room
 current service available and booking appointments
 Emergency trolley/anaphylaxis kit
 Vaccine supplies

Prescribing support
 Meet practice pharmacist and understand their current role
 Access to BNF/BNFC either via downloading app or online at
 Access to Microguide app or NI antimicrobial guidance online

Indemnity arrangements during COVID-19

Retired Returning GPs

The Department of Health will provide clinical negligence indemnity cover for retired GPs who return to provide support in response to the COVID-19 emergency.

Retired returning GPs should keep a record of where and when they performed work, including additional sessions, backfill activities, Out of Hours sessions or work in a COVID-19 Centre.

Indemnity for Purposes Other than Clinical Negligence – Retired Returning GPs

It is recognised that that returning doctors may also want to access medico-legal advice and support, and it is intended that this is not a barrier to their return. The Medical and Dental Defence Union of Scotland (MDDUS), the Medical Defence Union (MDU), and the Medical Protection Society (MPS) have confirmed that they will provide medico-legal advice and support at no cost to their retired members who return to work on the COVID-19 response.

For retired MPS and MDDUS members this is automatic. MDU is asking retired members to complete a short form. More information for returning members is available at or

Clinical negligence indemnity provided by the Department of Health will be administered using the existing reporting and administration arrangements within Health and Social Care Trusts. In the event of any future clinical negligence claim arising, the GP should contact their MDO and the relevant HSC Trust for the area in which they worked. Email addresses are provided below.



GPNI Vision Resources:
You can register below individually using the following link.
When asked for practice code and postcode, enter NIMDTA for both.


GPNI EMIS Resources:
Video below. Please email me if you want additional “how to guide” documents and I can forward to you

ADASTRA Series of Training Videos


Telephone triage and Remote consulting

MEDICINE COMPLETE online to access BNF and BNFC
MICROGUIDE –antibiotic formulary for NI,9995fa34-b6d2-4bc2-9106-7549d14bf5ec

Mobile Phones Apps

MICROGUIDE – select adult anti-microbial guide


Excellent resources specific for returners 


During this challenging time for general practice, RCGP are making the entire eLearning
content freely available to support all returning GPs and primary healthcare professionals.

This includes our new COVID-19 Resource Hub which has a growing range of practical tools
and guidance.

They are offering free access for a fixed period up to 30 June 2020 to the hugely popular
eLearning resources including Essential Knowledge Updates and GP SelfTest.
Essential Knowledge updates explanatory video

You will need to register for free ‘basic registration’ to access these resources.
As well as our COVID-19 Resource Hub, you can test your knowledge and access over 100
courses of the highest quality across the entire GP curriculum, written by GPs for GPs.


For any retired doctors joining the BMA, or any current retired members who are returning to work to support the fight against COVID-19, the organisation are waiving the membership fees until 1 October 2020


Click on this link:

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