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Assessments and Exams - RCGP

MRCGP Exam Update

Update from RCGP on Exam Cancellations

MRCGP FAQs: CSA and AKT exams and WBPAs

Please note that these FAQs mention an online BLS will be acceptable as long as the evidence is attached to your Eportfolio and you complete a face to face BLS as soon as possible

  • During this period, we will be concentrating on doing ARCPs for trainees who are due to qualify. These will all be done on a virtual basis centrally and you will either be notified by email afterwards or there might be a telephone discussion. This will depend upon your outcome.
  • Please do continue to add whatever evidence you are able to and ensure that you have an ESR of some nature completed on your Eportfolio prior to your ARCP as well as your Form R. It would be helpful to annotate your ESR as having been done during Covid-19.
  • Here the RCGP updates webpage
  • We appreciate that there are potentially 2 groups of trainees here. Those who have already taken and passed both exams and those whose exam attempt has been cancelled as a result of Covid-19. We will be able to proceed with a normal ARCP for the first group. We are still awaiting national advice on how to manage the second group. We are also awaiting advice on the specifics about the degree of flexibility around WPBA requirements during this period

Terms and Conditions - BMA

Covid-19: what do trainees need to know?

Article for GP Trainees from Chair of BMA Trainee Committee