Upcoming Webinars

GPNI ZOOM Webinars Thursdays 1-2pm

Please join the mailing list to recieve a password for the resources and to keep up to date with and register for future webinars – you must be part of the primary care team in Northern Ireland. If you have been unable to get acess via the mailing list please email [email protected]  with details of your role within Primary Care in Northern Ireland.

GPNI Webinar – CAMHS Update: looking after young minds during COVID-19

Presentation Resources GPNI CAMHS Resources Apps Library  Going Back to School : Resources for Primary and Secondary School Children Returning to School What just happened booklet (final) CAMHS SERVICES July 2020 Keeping Occupied Minding Ourselves Issues 8 Keeping Occupied Minding Ourselves Issues 9 Keeping Occupied Minding Ourselves Issues 10 Keeping Occupied Minding Ourselves Issues 11    ...

GPNI Webinar – What GP practices need to know about COVID-19 and infection control

Presentation Resources Presentation SlidesFurther Resources Kampf decontamination paper ( Advice regarding disinfectants ) - https://www.journalofhospitalinfection.com/article/S0195-6701(20)30046-3/fulltext   International Forum for Home Hygiene (Practical COVID advice for cleaning homes, some of which is patient friendly) - https://www.ifh-homehygiene.org   CDC guidance on risk from groceries, food etc. (American Source but relevant advice )...

Webinar – Haematology and Anticoagulation Update

Dr Gary Benson, Consultant Haematologist Belfast Trust

We are Joined by Dr Gary Benson, who will be giving us an update on changes and challenges in haematology during COVID-19 as well as a practical ‘Question and Answer session’ for members of the primary care team. Please submit any questions you would be keen for us to address with registrations.

Courageous Conversations: Advance Care Planning in COVID-19

Presentation Slides GPNI - Advanced Care Planning  KIS Summary Advice  Key Information Summary PDF EMIS and Vision Key Information and Read CodesFurther Resources From Our Speakers Your life and your choices: plan ahead Advance Care Planning, Heart of Living and Dying conversations by Deridre McKenna Advance Care Planning by Karen Bowes, RCN - The password for this video is RCN. GPNI  Palliative Care Resources All Palliative Care resources Key Palliative Care links Palliative Care...